Sustainable tourism


As part of the sustainable development in the tourism sector we recognize our responsibility and obligation to preserve the nature and the environment. We want to create memorable experiences for our guest, and at the same time minimize the footprints we leave behind.

We are now in the process of getting the eco-certification from The Eco-Lighthouse Foundation. As part of the eco-certification we are committed to work specifically with sustainability and to improve our environmental performance in areas such as work environment, waste management, energy consumption, procurement and transportation.

Our goal is to create sustainable experiences that harmonizes with the environment, nature and local community. We are grateful for the local community at our destinations and believe in supporting your locals. Therefor we chose do donate a part of the ticket fee from “Adventure to the North Cape” to the village of Kamøyvær for it to be used on maintenance. In Lofoten, we pay a fee for every bus excursion that we run to the beach of Haukeland.

Sustainable destination

Tromsø is among one of 16 places in Norway that is certified as sustainable destination. The Arctic Capital is a popular destinations, and through sustainable tourism practices the environment, the local community, the cultural heritage, and the economy is preserved. Being certified as a sustainable destination requires a long term dedication and hard work to systematically reduce the negative impact of tourism.

In 2020, Visit Tromsø-Region AS launched a quality mark for their partners - “Approved by Visit Tromsø”. This is a quality stamp to show guests which suppliers that is a part of the organised travel industry in the Tromsø region. Arctic Guide Service is a proud member of the “Approved by Visit Tromsø” quality mark.

Next in line

It takes years of work to become a certified sustainable destination and it requires a good cooperation between the municipality and the travel industry. By preserving the local nature, culture and environment, strengthen social values and be economically viable, the aim is to assure that the destination is a great place to both live and visit Expected to be certified in the year to come is one of our other destinations - the beautiful Lofoten.