6 reasons to visit Northern Norway during autumn

1. The crowds disappear 

When the summer season is over, the large crowds also disappear. This means less queues and waiting time at attractions and sights. Walk through the streets and blend in with the locals instead of ending up behind the big tourist groups. Traveling outside the high season also means that the price level for hotel rooms and airline tickets is often lower

2. Colorful landscape

At this time of year, the landscape abounds with the most beautiful autumn colors. Enjoy the sight of the pink evening sky and the trees that color the surroundings in everything from green and yellow to orange and red. And for those interested in photography, you will find endless autumn motifs.

Photo: Odd-Petter T. Jensen

3. Mountain hikes

Enjoy the fresh autumn air to the mountains in colorful surroundings. At this time there is usually little traffic in the mountain and you get plenty of space for yourself to enjoy a break along the way or at the top. At the same time as temperatures drop, nature explodes in color, and with frost in the morning and sunny days, this is a perfect time to hike in the mountains. Autumn is a great season for experiences in nature and in the mountains. Remember warm clothes!

4. Northern Lights

You do not have to wait until the winter cold sets in to experience the northern lights. In the autumn, you can experience the beautiful phenomenon without having to risk freezing your butt off. The Northern Lights can even be visible from the end of August. Even though it's getting colder, it's still comfortable temperatures to be outside in the evening to see, and maybe even photograph the green lady. The Northern Lights are also known to be very active around the autumnal equinox which is in the end of September, and with evening darkness from kl. 18:00, the autumn thus provides optimal conditions to see the northern lights.

Photo: Erik Fokke

5. King crab

Autumn is the time to replace the barbecue season with delicious seafood. Although seafood for most people is perhaps most typical of the summer, the sea's delicacies are at their best in the autumn. Such as the king crab, which is really rich in meat during this time. To make the meal even more exciting, you can join a king crab safari where you can take part in the journey of the king crab from the depths of the sea until it is ready to eat on your plate.

6. Mushroom and berry season 

Autumn also offers other delicacies - in the forest, both mushrooms and berries are waiting for eager pickers. Nature thus offers rich opportunities for collecting various delicacies and thanks to the right of public access, you can freely pick both berries, herbs and mushrooms that would normally cost a lot of money in the store. Not only are nature's resources healthy, but it also tastes extra good when they are self-picked.

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