Come to Lofoten by bus for an out of this world experience

Lofoten is one of those places that seem almost like it should have been taken straight out of a painting. The archipelago in the north of Norway houses traditional fishing villages, open blue waters, dramatic mountains and peaks, sandy beaches and cozy restaurants and shops.

The dramatic scenery stays idyllic throughout the whole year; the summer and spring being filled with greenery, reflections in the deep blue and the fascinating midnight sun, the fall portraying the mesmerizing red and yellow hues in the gorgeous landscape, and the winter being filled with the contrast of the whiteness of the snow, the colors of the traditional fishing villages, and the blackness of the sky.

Even as early as September and as late as April you can experience the mesmerizing northern lights as well, which is truly a sight one will never forget. During summer times the weather can be surprisingly warm considering its high latitudes, but during winter times the cold climate can easily be reduced with warm clothing, hot drinks, and cozy traditional fires.

See all of the best spots in Lofoten on our bus tours

If you wish to experience all the greatness of Lofoten in a short amount of time, we highly recommend that you join us on our bus tours around the archipelago. Here we will stop by great views, give interesting insight into the villages, and of course take pictures of you to bring home.

Our tour guides have a long experience in showing tourists around Lofoten by bus and will know exactly where to bring you for the full experience. During the months in which you can see the northern lights, we also have tour guides and bus drivers with great experience in chasing the mesmerizing natural phenomena.

As well as bringing you to the northern lights on our bus tours, they will gladly help you with taking pictures of the beautiful dance in the sky.

If you have any questions regarding our bus tours around Lofoten, please do not hesitate to ask. We are more than happy to assist you on this journey of a lifetime.