Guide to Lofoten island

There are some places that are just impossible to describe in words or images and have to be experienced with your own eyes, and the Lofoten islands certainly fit into this category. It is a place that has it all: breathtaking views, culture, history, and terrific culinary experiences.

If you are interested in sightseeing, mountain hikes, photography, nature, culture, the midnight sun, or the northern lights, is this undoubtedly the place for you. Join us on one or more of our numerous guides here in the Lofoten islands, and we will show you the magical atmosphere and landscape the right way.

Chose a guided tour depending on your interests, or tell us what you wish to experience, and we will make the correct adjustments to fit your interests.

Join our guide to fully experience the beauty of the Lofoten islands

The guides to the Lofoten islands also change with the seasons. In the winter there are, naturally, guided tours to see the incredible northern lights, and here you can see them even as early as September and October and as late as April. This calls for the perfect photographs, and we have long experience in guiding people to these idyllic views.

During the warmer months many tourists enjoy going on hikes leading up to gorgeous views, and we also have a long history of guiding visitors on these trips.

Guided boat trips in Lofoten islands

Boat trips are also an extremely attractive way of experiencing Lofoten from a unique perspective, and we will safely guide you on this as well. If you wish to come closer to the exotic wildlife of the Lofoten islands, we can recommend you join us on our nature guides. Here you will meet the local sea eagles and harbor seals and see them up close.

Check out our website for our wide variety of guided tours on Lofoten islands. If you have any questions regarding our tour guides in  Lofoten, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask. We are more than happy to assist you on this magical journey to the far, far north.